This is a series covering the apps on my iPhone, and why I use them. Enjoy! Today’s app is my daily driver to-do app, Todoist.

Todoist is the first to-do app I’ve found myself using. I haven’t by any stretch searched the universe for the biggest and best to-do apps, but the only one I’d liked before Todoist was the builtin iOS Reminders app because I could add things through Siri. The problem with Reminders is that it doesn’t connect to other services.

My shopping list for a to-do app was:

  • it’s got to look beautiful and have a very usable and nice user interface
  • it’s got to have native apps for all of my devices (iPhone, iPad Pro, Macbook)
  • it’s got to sync quickly and easily over the web
  • it has to connect to Zapier so I can auto schedule regular to-dos
  • it has to be just the right amount of annoying, that is, not too annoying with it’s reminders, but not a mute
  • I have to be able to use it naturally, I don’t want to force the creation of a new habit

Todoist was the first app I found that ticked all the boxes and now I use it everyday.

App Store Link: Todoist