What is Unpopular and who is Josh Withers?

When I was fresh out of high school I walked past a freshly designed store with a logo that caught my eye. ‘Business Solutions’ read the front window, and a shopping list of things they were planning on creating, fixing, and implementing, like cash registers, computers, telephone systems, and mobile phones.

I volunteered for a few weeks and eventually Roger, the General Manager, offered me employment. I wasn’t the best employee, not many seventeen year olds are, but that first job put me on track to a lifelong obsession with the crossroads of technology, science, commerce, and business. Quite literally the provision of business solutions. I’d hope that my friends and family would know me as their nerdy friend that provides real and awesome solutions with technology for their businesses. And eight years ago I even started my own business!

Almost twenty years on, today, I’m launching Unpopular – a paid membership blog and community for people that are interested in the same thing. A community of people building businesses that matter and using technology to make that journey easier.

Why is it called ‘unpopular’?

I think that my speciality, the thing I’m good at, is helping people that work in a niche. People that have a specific skill-set that only a subset of the population will want to access. People that don’t want to be everyone’s person, by definition they don’t want to be popular, they don’t want to do business with he majority of the population. Instead they only want to be in business with a small part of the community that is earth. By definition they want to be the opposite of popular, they want to be unpopular, and even more than that, they want to be sustainably unpopular.

Because not every business has to be a Coca-Cola or an Apple Inc. Some businesses can change the world from the spare bedroom where you’ve put a desk and a wi-fi router and you’ve just bought your first domain name.

Some businesses don’t want a million or a billion customers, they just want thirty. A really good example of an unpopular business is my friend, Morgan, who took the feature image for this post. He just wants to meet and photograph 30 couples every year. That kind of niche business takes work, effort, and some tricky nerdy things. I’m here to help you do that.

Why isn’t this a freebie?

There’s a fee attached because I want you to value my work. If you don’t value it, don’t stress, but don’t stay. That sounds a bit crass, but our society is built on a value system, and a super easy way for you and I to slip into that system is for me to put a dollar value on it. If you’d like to value my work in other ways, I’d love to hear your thoughts, but until then, register here and you’ll get access to

  • the blog,
  • any courses I upload, like the Slippery Dip customer journey course I’m currently working on
  • the Facebook group,
  • and a Slack group in case you’re into that.
  • You’ll get an email every time there’s new content on the site,
  • including the free podcast,
  • the free ideas blog,
  • and most importantly, I want to talk to you and find out what problems your business has so I can either share solutions I already have, or research new ones

I’m always available to members on email at josh@withers.xyz or through the Facebook and Slack channels. Britt’s also in on this, of course, she’s my wife! She is also an amazing business person and creative in her own right before she even married me! I just get to help her with her own brand today (hint, it’s The Elopement Collective)

Finally, if you’ve attended previous workshops or seminars I’ve held, they’re not happening in person anymore. Maybe, possibly, there could be a really specific workshop, but that’s not on the cards today, it’s all online here at Unpopular. And if you’ve been a coaching client of mine, then that’s also offered through Unpopular as well. Choose, or upgrade to, the weekly or monthly coaching memberships at any time to get access to me on Skype for an hour every week or month.