I’m guessing that if you’ve come to the place in life where this blog post is something you’re reading, then you’re my kind of person: the kind of person that would love to leave a mark on the world. The kind of person who’d like to make it better. I’ve been wondering whether Facebook Groups are our kind of place? I know that for Unpopular, our Facebook Group has been more inactive than active.

Facebook groups aren’t helping

I’m in too many Facebook groups, and there are too many other Facebook Groups I’ve left, you’re probably in too many Facebook Groups and I’m almost certain you’ve unfollowed groups that you’re too ashamed to leave in case someone realises you have left. I love the technology and potential behind Facebook Groups – but me having a Facebook Group for Unpopular is just adding to the noise AND it’s me trying to break through the wall of noise.

But community is important

Us humans are made to be in community. It’s in our very nature, it’s in our core, it’s what we desperately want and need to survive.

How that happens on Unpopular is changing. I’ve archived the Facebook Group and I’m leaving the Slack Channel open and I’d love you to join me there. But if you don’t want to Slack then that’s ok – I’d love to keep in conversation with you. Add me on Facebook, open a chat window, send me an email, let me know what you’re struggling with so I can help, or write an article or create a tutorial.

Let’s keep on chatting, I love being in community, I check my email more than I check my wedding band, but I’ve archived the Facebook group. Facebook groups are far too popular for us 🙂

As a testament to the strength of community outside of Facebook Groups I’ve had three friends message me and two friends call me upon receiving the “Facebook Group archived” notification. Tea Smith, you might have heard her on Unpopular Show recently, even had some wise words on the subject:

Sometimes the strategy is sound, but the tools aren’t quite fit for purpose. Digital (as well as sentiment) moves quickly, so it is critical that we regularly address the value of every channel. You may not need a website. You may not need a Facebook Page or Group, and if it isn’t working — kill it because to keep a neglected channel is FAR worse than a strategic decision to get rid of it. It is critical that you stay focused on your goals, not on the tools. And always be worrying more about outcomes and value than activity. You should always be reviewing which channel/tool provides the most return, and adapting accordingly.

So the Unpopular Facebook Group has been killed, but the Unpopular movement grows daily.