I can bet there are at least 3-4 things you type on your devices every day that we could automate in seconds. There’s a feature built right into macOS and iOS that allows you to do this.

The text shortcut for the Apple logo is appl

Under  Systems Preferences ➡️ Keyboard ➡️ Text you can see existing text shortcuts, like omw being a shortcut for On my way! (a shortcut I’ve never used despite it being installed on the operating system) and the appl shortcut for a favourite logo  .

In this preferences pane you can add as many text shortcuts as you can think of.

My personal favourites as you can see from the screenshot below are email addresses, because most logins are email addresses, or if I’m on social media or in messaging and asking people to email me I can simply type a number of @ symbols to get the email address I’m after. I also like to have common URLs in my text shortcuts.

In a previous incarnation of my text shortcuts I had all of my email auto reply’s but I feel like having multiple paragraphs in the text shortcut system was an abuse of my power because soon after the iCloud sync of the shortcuts had a moment of error.

That’s right – the shortcuts all sync between your iCloud logged-in devices, whether they’re Macs or iDevices, your shortcuts sync around and you’ll never mistype an email address or URL for your business again!


Image Credits: Damian Zaleski.