It’s more than likely you designed, or hired someone to design, your website for you.

The inherent problem is that you’re not your customer. 

To see how your website visitors view and use your website try out

Fullstory, and other products like it, like, give you the chance to embed a small snippet of code onto your website as you follow their instructions, and playback visits to your website.

You install the code and come back in a day to see if you caught anyone. Be prepared for what you’ll see.

Important points

  • This is distracting. Do it for a little bit but before you get addicted.
  • Don’t change everything because of one visitor.
  • Make sure your focus is on people following a customer journey and clicking where you want them to click.
  • Finally, be prepared to throw your website in the bin. I did when I first did this.

I remember watching a friend use my website, over his shoulder, and just dying inside as he clicked all the places he wasn’t supposed to. That was proof to me that I’d designed my website for myself, not someone else.

Image credit: Dai KE