My greatest temptation today is to fill the few remaining hours of my week with a podcast.

This is a short but empowering call to arms as to why it should be yours as well.


There is absolutely no reason why I am not creating other podcasts today. Other than the one I have a commitment to –

I have a story, thoughts and ideas that matter to people. I’ve got a microphone (here’s a cheap podcasting guide) and I know a great podcast host.

The podcast market has no gatekeeper. There’s no-one stopping you from doing it. Year-on-year growth in podcasting is over 14% in the USA, growth that would be similar in Australia, and the average podcast listener is listening to six shows. The average radio listener is listening to two shows.

Why is podcasting so great?

It’s an intimate, one-to-one conversation, that expresses nuance better than any blog, without the production and attention requirements of a video, and the space and gatekeeper limitations of social media.

It’s a beautiful medium to create in.

What to podcast about?

Produce a podcast that you would want to listen to, about a topic that you would find interesting, entertaining, relevant, helpful, emotionally purposeful, amazing.

Just get on the mic and start creating. And if you need help, please let me help you!

Why is this my greatest temptation?

Creating another podcast s my greatest temptation today because I know there is so much potential, growth, and opportunity in podcasting but I have commitments coming out the wazoo, and only 24 hours a day. If I had unlimited time I’d be creating niche, unpopular, local, ultra-local, ultra-niche podcasts. I would be investing in podcasting, investing in local podcasters, and fostering a podcasting community whether it was through a commercial podcast network, or a podcast recording studio or through more grassroots community efforts.

Alas, my time is not today.

Maybe tomorrow?


Image Credits: Simon Maennling, Jonathan Velasquez.