Unpopular people need automation in their lives – and if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, this app is the best automation app. A quick flick through the directory will yield so many useful automations and even eliminate other apps from your device!

From Techcrunch

Workflow won an Apple Design Award in 2015, with Apple Accessibility engineer Dean Hudson waxed ecstatic about the way that it handled accessibility. “When I first saw the app, I was just like man, this accessibility is cray-cray. This is off the charts!”

I initially came in to contact with Workflow via Macstories

Workflow doesn’t need an introduction on this website. I’ve been covering the app since its debut in 2014, and have been following every update since until the last major version, which brought the fantastic addition of Magic Variables. You can catch up on over two years of Workflow reporting and tutorials here, and access even more advanced workflows in our dedicated section on the Club MacStories newsletter.

And you can go through MacStories’ Workflow archive to see some great examples of how to use it.

Simply put – you have no reason to not have this app on your iDevice now and even less of an excuse to not be using it.

Get it from the App Store here and check out the app website here.