Being in community is pure humanity, it’s what we do. It’s also one of the the core foundations of Unpopular – after all, if it’s all just me typing then in the end it becomes an echo chamber.

Your role in the community isn’t just to learn and get better at being an Unpopular business, but to find and share new problems in your business, publicly or privately, and as we all discover we all grow and we all learn.

Every article on this site is a result of Unpopular members having problems and me trying to find solutions.

There are two communities – most of you are already having a ball in the Facebook Group, but I am a personal fan of Slack groups. I love getting off and away from Facebook for a while – it becomes all consuming some times – and to step into a little chat room.

Slack is a mix of email, chatrooms, Facebook groups, and instant messenger.

  • Slack’s replacing email for so many large businesses
  • Slack’s replacing Facebook groups for so many as well
  • It’s a chat-room-style communicator
  • You can start your own channels inside the same Slack team
  • You can direct message people
  • You can @mention people or @mention @everyone to get everyone’s attention
  • Emojis are built-in to the framework
  • There are threaded conversations (like Facebook Groups) amongst the chatroom style

Unpopular businesses are always zigging when the crowd is zagging, so let’s step into the Unpopular Slack Team at and start conversations that matter.

I could imagine industry groups starting their own channels to talk about industry specific topics, or geographic regions starting channels.

You need to be invited, so you can invite yourself at or ask me for some help.

Finally – here are two links that helped me understand Slack better – one from the Huffington Post and one from