In the early days of my business I prided myself on sharing my personal mobile phone number on every website, directory, and social media account – and you probably know how this tale ends: insanity. So I went looking for a solution.

To bridge the gap in-between being available and contactable, and also having a moment of privacy without being SMS’d at 11pm on a Saturday night wanting a quote (true story), I searched for a product to fill the gap – I found Aircall.

For $10 per month [note: since I signed up the price has increased to $30, thanks for noticing Robey] Aircall gives you a landline phone number in your nearest capital city, a corresponding voicemail, and the ability to make and receive calls on that number from your Mac or Windows computer, or your smartphone. There’s no iPad app, but with that aside, it’s a system that works really well, and helps me keep my sanity.

I’ve got no discount codes or referral links – so visit to see if it’s a product that will suit you.

If you really feel generous there’s a form on their website for me, an existing customer, to refer you, a new customer, and I get a $50 Amazon voucher, so let me know if you’re keen 😉