I spent a decade of my life inside radio stations around Australia and it all started because I loved free stuff. As a teenager I’d listen to the Big K (Hi Craig šŸ˜‰) on Sea FM and call in to every competition K ever had. Eventually I’d listened to so much radio that I wanted to work there, and after a lot of hard work, I got there.

A whole career because of free stuff. After giving me about 30 CDs, I finally gave radio my life. Value for value.

Free stuff works, if you position it well enough. I’m a strong believer in valuing yourself, and marketing your services in such a way that it is easy for other people to value you. This whole online workshop is based around that fundamental belief. What springs from that includes articles like this one, how-tos and tutorials on how to lubricate and automate parts of your business so you can invest effort into being that good that they can’t ignore you.

So here’s some free stuff

If you join Unpopular as a paid member in the month of February 2017, and you stay a member until the end of the month at least, you’re in the draw to win a copy of Seth Godin’s influential 2014 book, What To Do When It’s Your Turn.

It’s a book I believe in, by an author I look up to, and most of my friends have probably received a copy as a gift. It’s a book you should read, and if you don’t win a copy, then you ought to buy one.

As a bonus, every paying member that is already a member of Unpopular is already in the draw.

Why does free stuff work?

Free stuff is a simple gesture that allows the giver to find a place in the receiver’s world. It’s an exchange of value. Lots of free stuff sucks. This book doesn’t

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