I personally really like talking issues out. Reading is awesome, I’ll read til the cows come home, but if I can get you in a room we’ll have a better time. That’s why I prefer attending and leading in-person workshops, there’s something about talking it through and identifying real issues in the moment.

I guess that’s why I love coaching colleagues through issues. It produces real results because we have real conversations, where I ask questions like “Why”, I know right, super crazy.

Rave reviews

Morgan describes my mentoring style as “like a grindstone for peoples personal businesses” which I think is a compliment. If it’s not then please let me know.

Jake, without even being pressured offered up this compliment “You really do challenge me and help me in so many ways, often simply by example.”

James is worried that you have too much money and you need to dispose of it “Josh’s coaching and mentoring is really good. Give him all your money now.”

Elle, clearly after a coffee said I am “an inspiring, supportive, thought provoking human being who challenges you to form your own opinions and views, creating an environment where you surprise yourself in just how great you can be.”

Larissa, a wedding officiant terribly close to Donald Trump geographically speaking (she does Washington DC weddings!) says “Josh is the epitome of badassery. His candid, no sugar coating approach allows you to move forward in your business at an accelerated rate.”

What actually is it?

If you choose the weekly coaching it’s an hour on Skype every week, if you choose the monthly coaching, it’s an hour on Skype every week. You also have access to all of the tutorials and articles that everyone else does, and the membership group on Facebook and Slack, so regular access to Josh/me to ask questions and for more personal things you can message or email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

How does it work?

It’s you + me on Skype (or in person if it works) talking about your businesses weaknesses or failures and seeing how we can fix or remove them, while also addressing your strengths and your wins, investigating how we can scream them from the rooftops.

I simply take great pleasure in helping my friends prosper, and I’d love to do that for you – assuming that you want to have a win and become super unpopular 🙂

You can upgrade and downgrade to or from the weekly sessions or monthly sessions via the memberships page.

The feature image for this post isn’t of me actually coaching anyone. I’m actually explaining, in depth, the pros and cons of shaving to Ben Ager. Five months later he shaved. I am very convincing. The photo was taken by Morgan Roberts.