Zapier is the glue that keeps so much of my life together.

Zapier is a web service that connects other web services, apps, social media channels, RSS feeds, and in some cases, it even connects out to the real world.

Explained most simply: Zapier creates zaps. A zap is triggered by a single trigger, and because of that trigger, other things occur. It’s like a mini programming language.

A simple example could be this series of events:

  1. If Zapier detects a new Instagram post,
  2. then, grab that caption and image and post it to a Facebook account

Or a more complex zap might be:

  1. If a form is filled out on my website inquiry form, that new entry triggers a zap (a Gravity Forms form, as it connects to Zapier)
  2. then, get the phone number from the inquiry and send an SMS to the number specified in the form
  3. then, add a Google Calendar event on the selected day and time with the name: Inquiry from “name”
  4. then, add them to my Mailchimp list

To try and ease you into zaps, as Zapier zaps are going to form much of the Unpopular foundation, I’ve recorded this video taking you through how I created a simple zap to grab any new Instagram photos and to post them to my other social media organically instead of as an Instagram link.