Sometimes an email (or other message) requires more than a quick text reply but maybe you’re on your phone and everything would be easier if you could just send them a voicemail. You don’t want to call but you don’t want to type and you don’t want to send a video.

This is the middle ground. A Workflow to send a voice recording that is activated with three taps, one from the home screen and one to start recording, then a third to stop recording – you’re then left with a URL link in your clipboard ready for you to paste wherever it’s needed.

This tutorial requires the Workflow iPhone or iPad app, this tutorial is recorded on the iPhone but the same steps apply to the iPad. This is also requires a Dropbox account, the free account is fine. You can probably guess as well that it requires an iPhone or iPad.

The tutorial

Watch the embedded video below or follow this direct link

The end result

Here’s the example audio that I recorded in the tutorial:

With that short link you can paste it into an email reply, an instant message – heck you could even share it to social media if you wanted to, and its your thoughts articulated in your own personal way without the hinderances of typos, spelling or grammar.