Unpopular by Josh Withers - A workshop on building a sustainbly unpopular business

All day every day the general public talk about the Popular. The Popular are forever destined to maintain the velocity required to keep the crowds interested, entertained, invested.

The Popular, eventually, don’t want to be popular. Just ask whoever is in a scandal this week, they¬†would empty their¬†bank account today for a moment alone without opinions, news, blogs, the internet.

Popularity is disturbingly unsustainable.

I’m interested in understanding how we can build sustainable and successful small businesses without becoming the Popular.

That’s why it’s called Unpopular.

The membership

$36 a month to join the club, get the emails, read the blog archive, ask questions, get automations designed for you, plus you get my masterclass on creating a head to tail customer journey, a method I call the Slippery Dip. Some parts of the world call it a Slippery Slide, so thanks for making SEO super easy on that one guys.

When you’re a member you’ll get access to the archive of previous articles and tutorials, the community forum in Facebook and on Slack, whichever one you like more, and you shape the workshop by asking questions and putting forth scenarios that I will automate and systemise, to the best of my ability.



$36 per month



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